International Trade

ExportVison believes in flawless marketing and maintaining seamless transactions of services. We give you thorough assistance to make your business foolproof before its global journey.

How We Go About It

We always sign an MoU with our international trading clients. We both agree on the mutually agreed terms and conditions. The agreement makes all seamless transactions possible.

We Conduct Market and Feasibility Studies

On the basis of market research, we advise our clients whether operating in a particular country is profitable and feasible or not. We complete our assessment regarding market trends of your products in your desired country and recommend your business to seize opportunities where applicable.

We Conduct Competition Analysis

Our market experts identify your products’ competitors in your desired country. We offer you exhaustive details regarding their organizational structure, state policies, and customers. Thus, you get full insight into the country and the organization you intend to work with.

Customers Review

Through detailed analysis, we work out your target audience and assist in how you can contact/reach them. We examine their purchase and consumption patterns through a comprehensive study.

We Carry out Test Marketing

By sorting out a few global companies, we ship some samples of your products and compile reports along with their feedback.

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