Seamless Services

We work with a global network of professional corporate distributors. We do more than mere Transportation. Since we are a complete export management company, we offer a multi-step export process that needs due diligence and efforts to save the interests of manufacturers and foreign buyers.

What We Offer in Our Services

Arranging logistics is merely a portion of our complete service. We offer top-class client service that includes:

  • Identifying the right importers/distributors in foreign countries. We work with overseas manufacturers and distributors under the distribution agreement.
  • We provide quotations
  • We market products
  • We provide consolidation and logistics services
  • We prepare a complete export documentation package
  • We work with the buyers and manufacturers till the products are successfully delivered to the required destination

  • Our Services

    After choosing us as your global export services company, we make sure we manage your every activity and connect you with the relevant people.

    We Liaison you with Leads

    With our wide export network, we help you to link with businesses who are willing to have your products.

    We help you understand your business’s hurdles and opportunities

    Through us, you will know your business's strengths and weaknesses. After that, you would be ready to make adjustments before trading and exporting globally.
    This customized study will decide your business strategy to pierce foreign markets.

    Free Checkup

    Our “free export checkup” service offers you a unique picture of what shortcomings you require to work on and how you can maximize your assets to completely exploit the international opportunities.

    Break Down of Our Services

    Exportvison’s key to long-term success is as follows:

  • Cultivate additional sales for US Manufacturers by finding markets outside of the USA.
  • Provide research and market development overseas at little or no cost to the US manufacturers.
  • Provide seamless transaction to US Manufacturers by taking ownership of the products and act as the USPPI.
  • Provide risk-free transactions to the US manufacturers by ensuring export compliance, proper export documentation, and full-service logistics.
  • Provide US-made products to customers outside the US at reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Provide a one-stop shop to overseas importers for freight consolidation and related services.
  • Our Service includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Sales & Marketing

    Build and manage a professional distributor network.

  • Visits customers in their country and provides sales support and resolves issues.
  • Take responsibility and ownership to help suppliers as well as International Distributors.
  • Work with Distributors Internationally to constantly promote our products.
  • Coordinate international marketing with distributors.
  • Trade-show presence to promote brands and attract new customers.

  • Customer Service

    Product registration.

  • Provide quotes and product information.
  • Process orders.
  • Export servicing and resolving issues.
  • Responding to customer service requests
  • Ensure packaging of goods as per the standards for international transportation.
  • Arranging logistics.
  • Compiling export documentation.
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